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2016 BMW X5 M in San Francisco


Starting at :

  • 19 mpg hwy*
  • 567 horsepower
  • 4.4-liter Turbo V8 engine
  • Auto Start-Stop function
  • Power-folding, heated side mirrors
  • 0-60MPH in 4.0 Seconds
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2016 BMW M Models X5 M performance

4.4 Liter Turbo V8 Engine 567 hp

Small and powerful this fantastic SUV will not disappoint. This 4.4 liters engine produces 567-hp and puts out an astounding 533 lb-ft of torque. The X5 M delivers an insane amount of power, optimal utility and convenience for a busy family on the go.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M performance

BMW xDrive All-Wheel Drive

This transmission always delivers power to all four wheels and will never be able to switch to a two-wheel system. Designed to provide the most traction possible, this SUV is built to deliver outstanding power, performance, and driving dynamics, making this car far one of the most astonishing vehicles in its class that will turn every outing into an adventure.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M performance

xDrive AWD Technology

An M-tuned xDrive all-wheel-drive system assures road-gripping traction. It produces precise distribution of energy between the front and rear axles, while Dynamic Performance Control spreads torque between the 21-inch M Double-spoke light-alloy wheels. All for a new level of dynamic driving and all-road capability.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M performance

Special Suspension

This BMW delivers raw power and has been equipped with an extensive chassis enhancement, including a freshly upgraded double-wishbone front and a standard self-leveling anti-roll rear suspension. All this allows for more excitement on the road giving you added sharper and smoother cornering ability.

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2016 BMW M Models X5 M appearance

M Performance Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Designed specifically for the perfomance of our M models, our M performance carbon ceramic brakes are a high tech braking system that improves agility while optimizing the full potential of the brakes when needed.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M appearance

Adaptive Headlights

Xenon Adaptive Headlights with dynamic auto-leveling, Corona headlight-rings, and LED accent lights that adapt and swivel accordingly on corners and winding roads.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M appearance

The Most Dominant Letter On The Road

Four decades of M performance has shown the world why BMW is the ultimate driving machine. The M5 has everything a car enthusiast is looking for, from pure luxirousness to spine chilling thrills with the power backed by M performance.

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2016 BMW M Models X5 M comfort

iDrive Navigation With 8.8" Screen

This ultra modern luxurious navigation puts everything you need right at your fingertips. With all the distractions we experience in today's world it is a comfort to know that BMW has developed a navigation system that is user-friendly and is conveniently located to help you to keep your eyes on the road. A breakthrough technology now coming with the iDrive is Mobile Office. This handy feature will read emails and texts to you hand free. The Bluetooth® function will also provide you with simple ways to listen to music or will also stream music easily from your smartphone. Delivering the best luxury amenities to customers has once again been achieved by the BMW team.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M comfort

Panoramic Sunroof

Drive down the open road with a sense of freedom by opening up to the sky above with the amazing optional panoramic sunroof. Open and close the sunroof via internal controls choosing to either slide open or vent the glass to your desired sun protection.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M comfort

Power Front Seats with Driver Seat Memory

Comfort and convenience are delivered with the easy to use front seats that have a memory device built in to store and remember your seat and mirror preference. The eight-way power adjustable front seats.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M comfort

Comfort Access

The fantastic keyless entry will make getting into your vehicle a snap, especially when you have your hands full. No need to look for or take out your key, this system will unlock your car door as you get near it.

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48 month / 50,000 miles Powertrain Warranty

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2016 BMW M Models X5 M safety

BMW Assist eCall™ and TeleServices

The eCall and TeleServices come standard in every BMW. When facing an emergency, the eCall system will notify authorities when needed and will send them your current location and give them useful information. Rest assured that help is only a button away when you need it most. Teleservice will help keep you organized by notifying you of upcoming service appointments and the current maintenance requirements. Rely on us to help simplify your life.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M safety

Driver Assistance Plus Package

Rear-View Camera

Make sure all is clear as you back up. The rear-view camera will display the area behind you on your navigation screen. When parking, the rear-view camera and the Park Distance Control will help guide you safely into a parking spot.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M safety

Xenon Adaptive Headlights

The corona rings of the BMW adaptive xenon headlights have been designed to help you see better around turns by actively turning the headlights in the direction the steering wheel and wheels are turning. Instead of the regular stationary headlights, these lights are designed to actually move as you wheels move, making this a groundbreaking safety feature that will come in handing in many driving situations.

2016 BMW M Models X5 M safety

Park Distance Control

This parking aid was developed to warn the driver if they are getting too close to an object either in front or behind them. A warning beep will go off when getting too close to hitting an item and will continue to get quicker until you are a foot away from an object and then will become a solid beep. This intuitively clever device will help to keep dings off of your car and make pulling in and backing out of spots an easy task to undertake.