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2016 BMW M2 Coupe in San Francisco


Starting at :

  • 20/27 MPG
  • 365 horsepower
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 13.7 Gal
  • Moonroof
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2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe performance

Pure Adrenaline

The newest to the M lineup, nothing defines the legacy of legendary performance better than the first-ever BMW M2 Coupe. The M2 Coupe delivers a full formula of chassis balance, steering response, and power-to-weight ratio.Everything that makes BMW the Ultimate Driving Machine.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe performance

Not For The Faint Of Heart

The M2 wasn’t made to sit in the garage and collect dust. Fitted with the same lightweight aluminum suspension as the M4, along with race-bred compound brakes and BMW's legendary Active M Differential, it begs to be pushed to its limits.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe performance

Performance In Its Prime

Stripped down to the fundamental principles of performance driving, the M2 packs impressive power. Capable of delivering 365hp at 6500rpm as well as a very quick 0-60mph time of just 4.1 seconds. Naturally designed to rev freely all the way up to 7000rpm, there's no doubt it will exceed all your expectations.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe performance

Armed For Takeoff

The M2’s TwinScroll turbo delivers an exceptional 343 lb-ft of torque with practically no lag time. While over boost pushes performance to the next level by providing an additional 27 lb-ft. of torque.

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2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe appearance

The Most Dominant Letter On The Road

Four decades of M performance has shown the world why BMW is the ultimate driving machine. The M2 has everything a car enthusiast is looking for, from pure luxirousness to spine chilling thrills with the power backed by M performance.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe appearance

Adaptive Headlights

Xenon Adaptive Headlights with dynamic auto-leveling, Corona headlight-rings, and LED accent lights that adapt and swivel accordingly on corners and winding roads.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe appearance

M Performance Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Designed specifically for the perfomance of our M models, our M performance carbon ceramic brakes are a high tech braking system that improves agility while optimizing the full potential of the brakes when needed.

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2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe comfort

All Eyes On Me

The M2 makes its presence recognized from every angle. Its aggressively chiseled front, wide rear stance, and striking overall design provide a real M look, perfectly framed to fit its 19’’ forged aluminum M double-spoke wheels.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe comfort

Interior With Intention

As a pure driver’s car, the M2 coupe's modest interior is nothing to overlook. Exclusive finishes like blue contrast stitching, and a carbon-fiber trim creates a sense of opulence, all without losing focus on the road that matters most.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe comfort

Split-Second Shifts

With its standard manual transmission, the M2 includes the driver with every shift of the gear. Meanwhile, carbon-fiber friction lining and a precise rev-matching system improve shift accuracy, allowing for nice and smooth shifts from one gear to the next.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe comfort

Camera Action

Film your laps on the track from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Seamless integration between the GoPro app and a newly designed iDrive controller, part of the all-new iDrive 5.0 system, gives you the capability to record track footage from behind the wheel, while the M Laptimer app allows you to simply share and compare track performance with other BMW enthusiasts alike.

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48 month / 50,000 miles Powertrain Warranty

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2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe safety

Powerful Engines

The M2’s completely aluminum closed-deck block design and gray cast iron liners allow cylinders to endure higher pressure under the most taxing driving conditions.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe safety

Rear-View Camera

Rear-view camera clearly shows the area behind the vehicle in the Control Display. Working in association with Park Distance Control, interactive guidelines in the Control Display help the driver by showing whether a selected parking space can support the vehicle. Parking trajectories, as well as turn angles, are also shown in the display.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe safety

Active Driving Assistant

Camera based driver assistance system consisting of Lane Departure Warning, Frontal Collision Warning, and Pedestrian Warning. Lane Departure Warning incorporating camera-based Collision Warning displays lane markings at a distance of around 160 feet and exceeding a speed of 37mph. As soon as you drive over the lane markings on the left or right without initiating your indicators, the system warns you by softly vibrating the steering wheel. City Collision Mitigation can help prevent collisions up to a differing pace of 10mph by actively utilizing the brakes, and higher variations can contribute to diminish the cruelty of a collision by automatically warning the braking system.

2016 BMW M Models M2 Coupe safety

Make Your M2 One Of A Kind

The optional automatic 7-speed M Double Clutch couples two gearboxes for particularly fast and smooth gear shifts, whether driving in automatic mode or shifting manually with just as much ease.